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MORPROP defined Industrial Transportation Real Estate. We strive to meet the real estate needs of Industrial Transportation Companies: truckers, 3PLs, leasing and repair companies, equipment dealers – anyone who uses or owns transportation real estate.

We work for transport companies to find new locations and dispose of their excess transportation real estate. We deliver Stay Go or Grow reports that show which transport property users are looking to move, expand or contract in most markets across North America.

Industrial real estate brokers across North America partner with us to market transport real estate locally, nationally and
 internationally. We also manage and provide research for the Industrial Transportation Property Network (ITPN), the largest transport property brokerage 
network in North America.

We maintain Transportation Real Estate Profiles on hundreds of transportation companies to monitor real estate footprint expansion and contraction. We publish regular Client Communiques on transportation real estate and the transportation sector, and we publish a catalog of North American Transport Property Opportunities quarterly.

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